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Garden palazzo farnese

Palazzo Farnese is unique for its gardens, designed by Vignola, dedicating much of his time to creating a perfect, osmotic union between nature and architecture. The gardens, deliberately placed behind the palace, are a characteristic architectural element of many villas in Lazio between the end of the sixteenth century and the beginning of the early seventeenth century. In this place he built an elegant house, called the Casina del Piacere, which was used, among other things, as a summer residence by President Einaudi during the seven years in which he held office. Sculptures, fountains and drawbridges leading to the various terraces were created by Vignola, making the complex highly suggestive due to the topographical and stylistic correlation between the palace and the gardens, divided into the "Lower Gardens" and the "Upper Gardens". obtained from the excavation of the hill. The drawbridges lead to the fountains "of the Satyrs" and "of the Venus rising from the sea". The layout of the garden is attributed to Vignola, but the first executor was actually Giacomo Del Duca who created the Palazzina del Piacere, the Giardino Grande, the water chain, the cordonata, and finally the enclosure with the Glass Fountain . The Italian-style gardens are a monumental complex, close to the Palace, on which famous artists such as Vignola, Giacomo del Duca and Girolamo Rainaldi worked. the Gardens are divided into "Lower Gardens" and "Upper Gardens" and were built at different times, even if they derive from the same project, by the architect Jacopo Barozzi da Vignola. The "Low Gardens", located behind the palace, can be accessed from one of its rooms, they were created by Vignola. The Gardens are the normal continuation of the Palace on the outside and fully represent the symmetrical closure of the Axis, which begins with the so-called "Via Dritta" located in front of the Palace. For the Upper Gardens, it is sufficient to walk along the main avenue that branches off from the Lower Gardens, where we find the famous silver firs that Cardinal Alessandro brought from Camaldoli in 1584. The fountains that adorn both Giardini Bassi and Giardini Alti are fed through the underground aqueduct dug into the tuff, coming from Lake Vico. The Fontana del Giglio, the water chain of the Dolphins, the Fontana del Bicchierone with two recumbent Giants deserve attention in this area.